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Heaven on Earth...

News flash! Real support is available from the awareness of our simple connection with mama earth. As we arrive more and more fully into this temporary home called our body, we will begin to notice that the ground under our feet is something we can count on.

Does it matter that we can count on the ground being there? Yes. 🤓 It is there supporting you right now.

Try to notice the ground you are on in this very moment. Describe what you notice as you bring your awareness to that ground. Have fun with the descriptions because they provide clues there about the kind of support you are experiencing right now and even perhaps the kind you would like to experience more often. Is the ground hard, cushiony, soft, yielding, firm?

Sometimes the ground under us feels rocky, unstable, or even dangerous. This may signal a call to get ourselves to safer ground. You can do this!

The ground will support you. It is indeed true. Bonus points for feeling your feet on the ground AND paying attention to your breathing at the same time. The ground will support you. And your breath can connect you to even more support available from the mysterious expanse over our heads. Stay in the mystery. And allow yourself the gift of looking in all directions for support today.


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