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about empowered sensitivity

The Important Questions:

Who would you be without society's expectations?

Are you willing to find out?

What is your relationship with right and wrong?

Could deconstructing these change your understanding of what you are?

Do you believe in the possibility of your own healing?

Do you trust your life's path and the journey of your heart?

Where can you get help with these questions?


Patricia Keeler is a compassionate guide for deeply sensitive children and adults. She lives the life of a mystic following a highly guided path, yet also has grounded and extensive experience in somatic healing and education, spiritual coaching, and non-violent communication, as well as a background in elementary education. As a longtime student and teacher of A Course in Miracles, she embodies a deep understanding of the Course and extends love by assisting others to wake up to the truth of who they really are. 


Peace. Joy. Freedom. Love. 


Patricia's uniquely warm presence, deeply grounded perspective, and refreshing interpretation of problems will expand your horizons of what you believed possible for you and your life. The world needs your sensitivity now more than ever.

Patricia will help you claim your (or your child's) sensitivity as the absolute strength it is and allow you to see the profound gifts in it. Consistent happiness is your birthright and one of the most surprising qualities of sensitivity is that part of you knows this. Heal the part of you that does not know ~ and be that focal point of healing in your family and in your life you were always meant to be. You are indeed the light of the world. 

Patricia works with sensitive hearts of all ages.

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